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    How to not let Paris disappoint you

    Paris has a serious reputation, we all know that. Having a first view of the most romantic backdrop of the entire world can ended up being super excited or incredibly disappointed. I knew that when i decided to take that cheap flight for the weekend. I was praying for the charm, the romanticism, the artsy side and somehow, for the sophisticated wind of Paris, although with the ‘overrated’ note in mind. I knew for sure it could go either way. And I will be honest, being a single girl in Paris can be frightening, they said. So, I assure you, my expectactions were keeping it real and pretty balanced. And I swear, it…

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    10 unique facts about Serbian culture you wish you knew

    When I later asked my Serbian friends what would they consider to be the top features of the Serbian culture, a revealing debate got on fire. It became pretty obvious that Serbians feel like their culture had been swallowed by the successive invasions they've constantly suffered during their history. After regaining their independence very recently, the borders are still a little unstable, due to Kosovo and other conflictual areas on their neighborhood. It is just by now, that they are realizing finding peace for their people also means reaching for their cultural identity, as a nation. However, after so many foreigner influences, it is messy to define what it is truly their…

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    The secrets of Sintra Mountains: why you shouldn’t miss it

    Inside of the picturesque city of Sintra, the Pena Park opens the doors to a very unique aura of magic. Passing the gates, it is easy to quickly sense the humid silence of this enchanted forest drawn with fabulous lines. I found myself drinking from the magical sensation airborne, daydreaming about a kingdom of princes and princesses, and walking around while expecting a dragon from each corner or a hobbit to come out of every small door disposed around the park. In the real world, you can actually get a chance to see a few rare kinds of animals and plants. And, if you are strong enough to climb the…

  • Human Up,  Lifestyle

    Santa does exist and I can prove it

    So Christmas is here, and YOU deserve a special gift from someone who gets you, from any point of the globe. For that noble reason, I created a worldwide Christmas gift exchange, where you will send a receive a present to someone at any point of the globe. Yes, we will be our fricking Santa. Are you in? Let's do this!!!

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    Learn this: small gestures, great attitudes

    Travelling is not only about the beautiful beaches and landscapes, and that picture perfect IG shot. Let’s make traveling about humanity as well, let’s raise awareness and spread a little kindness whenever we encounter situations like this. I know we cannot solve all their problems, but you know, you can offer a hand for them to stand again. Just in case you encounter them in your travels, please don’t walk past them or just wave your hand to shoo them away like they don’t matter.

  • Travel Diary

    Are you afraid of traveling alone?

    Sometimes, the package of both excitement and anxiety turn into a very dangerous dragon ball. In those moments, you want to feel alive and to sense all those emotions on your skin, but at the same time, deep down you know they couldn't be handled by any soul, let alone by your nervous system. I believe all the solo travelers out there get my concern, when the focus has to be on your agenda and on your personal safety.

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    Serbia, a hidden treasure within Europe

    Serbia is an enchanted country, frequently left out of touristic itineraries or even travel blogs. And I admit, that’s an important reason why I find it so charming – it is still raw from touristic hunger, it is still itself. And Serbia needs it. After so many years being taken by other nations, Serbia needs a few time being itself, connecting with its routes. Serbia is mostly a country of nature with some really tasty food. In every city, you can find large green spaces, and a few km away, there are always natural places to breath some fresh air, to drink some fresh water, to collect some nice elements give…